Norganna's development files

Welcome to Norganna's development files.

This is a stream of all of the public SVN repository builds, packaged into zip files for you to download and play with.
These builds are not guaranteed to be stable at any given time. You have been warned!

If you would prefer to access these files via the SVN instead, pop over to the SVN repository.
(SVN is quicker to update and requires less downloading, but requires you to install an SVN client on your conputer)


When you download a release package from the main download page, we automatically embed the needed libraries into the packages.
The repository builds provided here DO NOT contain these libraries, embedded or otherwise.
You will need to download the libraries (from the Libs builds link below) seperately and install them manually into your Interface/AddOns folder.
We recommend installing at the minimum: Stubby, Configator and Babylonian.

In each builds folder below, there is an "ALL" folder for a zip of all of the folders within that directory. You may wish to download the ALL version rather than downloading all of the folders individually if you intend on downloading most of them anyhow.

Available builds:

Projects builds (svn)
Auctioneer builds (svn)
Gatherer builds (svn)
Libs builds (svn)